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Meal Plans

We offer a variety of meal plans that suit your budget and appetite!

Residents & Commuters

Meal Plans to Fit Your Lifestyle

Commuter Meal Plans for MVCC

Please note that the meal plans are no longer a weekly plan where the meals expire at the end of the week. The new plans can be used anytime during the academic year. This will allow for more flexibility for students who are not on campus daily. 

Door Rates for FY 2020 (Cash/Credit /Hawk Dollars):  
Breakfast  $6.00
Lunch        $9.00
Brunch      $9.00
Dinner      $10.00

*Please note, declining balance or FLEX dollars are non-refundable and should be used by the end of each semester.

Financial Aid and Meal Plans

Did you know that you can use financial aid for your meal plan?


Breakfast 7:30am to 10:30am

Lunch 11:00am-1:30pm

Grill,Deli,Salad Bar, Pizza 1:30-400pm

Dinner 4:30pm-7pm

Weekends 11am-6:30pm



Catering Manager - Bridget Parke

Executive Chef - Kyle Maurer